About Us

Hiring dedicated staff to build and manage a business is costly. Training staff and obtaining the appropriate contacts and market acquaintance is time and resources consuming.

All the while, the ROI is in the unknown.

Tique Partners provide comprehensive service to companies wishing to expand their operations. Tique take over the activity covering business development, sales and distribution  in the Americas.

Tique act as the customer’s  office/ agent / partner in the designated areas.

Tique’s headquarters is  in Miami, Florida, where from it  builds and manages the Americas’ business interests , talilord to the customer’s mission statement and timed targets.

Tique Partners’ executives have extensive experience in the Americas high tech markets. Since inception; it has  built a network of contacts at various governmental entities and corporate organizations .

Understanding the product, locating the potential consumers, partners and liaisons provides the building blocks for  Tique’s customer to expand their business – in according with strategic goals.